An animated title sequence for an imaginary TV adaptation of The Gentleman Bastard Sequence by Scott Lynch, called The Gentlemen Bastards; first season of which would comprise the events of The Lies of Locke Lamora.

HD recommended.

To anyone wondering what’s happening: I had this idea of following a coin’s journey through the layers of the Camorri society to a) subtly explain the pecking order of Camorr’s underworld since it plays such an important role in the story and b) to have an excuse to show off different areas of Camorr.

The coin is stolen from a merchant (represented by the The Shifting Market) by a youg thief (the alleyways) whose garrista gives it to Capa Barsavi (The Floating Grave) who in turn uses it to fund something possibly quite violent (the shark sequence). Outside the normal system there are the nobles (the Salvaras’ garden) who are conned by the Gentlemen Bastards (the Elderglass cellar). Throw in bridges and towers and windows with a heavy hand, and there you have it.

One happy accident worth mentioning: that final title effect was a live-action plate of writing filmed through an improvised light table, the purpose being that the letters supposedly appear out of nowhere – except I hadn’t realised the shadow of the hand would obviously appear on the paper, too. Maybe I could’ve fixed it, but c’mon, having a literal allusion to that Lamora translation? Way too good to pass.

A note on the names: I tried to figure which characters had enough appearances to be credited as series regulars. The conclusion was that the Gentlemen Bastards would be the only ones, but it felt right for Father Chains to get a mention as a special guest star of sorts, so there he is.

In case someone’s interested: The time this took to complete was about five weeks, two for research & concepts and three for full-time production. (Yeah, a bit hectic.) My main influences were the title sequences for A Series of Unfortunate Events and Hustle.

I suppose a lot of the scenes pass by quite quickly – just send me an ask if you want to see a HD pic of any specific part.

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